AB Lammina 9 AL

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LOA: 2.76m
Max number of Passengers: 4

Boat Description

AB Inflatables Lammina 9 AL (BL)

When you buy an AB Inflatable, you can rest assured that you are buying a watercraft that is unrivalled in the industry.  The AB inflatable tubes are unequalled, and the fabric is so superior we guarantee it with a 10 year limited warranty, the longest available in the industry.  All AB hulls are constructed from either double moulded, hand laid fibre glass or high quality marine grade aluminium.

AB Inflatable boats cost more to build but we think you will agree that the increased performance and comfort they provide are well worth it.

Various engine and rigging options are available. Please contact us with your requirements.



  • Large Square Transom Alum. Reinforced Base

  • More Payload Capacity
  • More Internal Area
  • Optional Bow Locker
  • Aluminium Removable Rowing Seat
  • New Chrome Free – Advanced Pre-treatment and Powder Coating Technology
  • Ultra High Quality Welding
  • Bow U bolt and lateral towing eyes
  • Single Solid Rub rail
  • New Heavy Duty Keel Protector
  • “V” Hull
  • ORCA (CSM) Coated Fabric
  • Sunbrella Fabric Dinghy Chap Available
  • Sunbrella Fabric Boat Cover Available
  • Reinforced Aluminium Lifting Eyes with SS Rings
  • Internal Aluminium Plate with Security Lip
  • Reinforced (CSM) Fabric Handles
  • Non-skid Rubber Floor
  • Custom Colours Upon Request


  • Overall length: 9′ 1″ / 2.76m
  • Overall Beam: 4′ 9″ / 1.45m
  • Inside Length: 6′ 3″ / 1.90m
  • Inside Beam: 2′ 2″/ 0.66m
  • Tube Diameter: 16″ / 0.40m
  • Number of Chambers: 3
  • Person Capacity: 4
  • Weight: 79 lb / 36kg
  • Recommended HP: 8hp/6.0kw
  • Maximum HP: 10 hp / 7.5 kw
  • Shaft length: 15″ / 38.1cm
  • RDC Design Category: C
  • Hull Thickness 0.090 in / 2.28mm

Standard Equipment:

  • Deep “V” Marine Grade Aluminium Hull
  • Heavy Duty Transom Knee
  • Non-Skid Rubber Floor Panels
  • Plastic External Transom Plate
  • Aluminium Internal Transom Plate with Security Lip
  • Aluminium Bow Eye
  • 3-4 Aluminium Davit Lifting Points
  • Deck Drain with Plug
  • Orca (CSM) Five Layer Coated Fabric
  • Raised Single Rub Rail
  • Push Push Plastic Non-Corrosive 2 Stage Inflation Valves
  • 1 Front & 2 Side Orca (CSM) Fabric Handles on Tubes
  • 2 Inside Bow Sets of Double Orca (CSM) Fabric Handles on Tubes
  • 2 Inside Stern Single Orca (CSM) Fabric Handles on Tubes
  • Removable Rowing Seat
  • Oarlock Base
  • Telescopic Oars with Aluminium Shaft
  • Paddle Holders
  • Hand Pump
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Owner’s Manual
  • 3 Layers Reinforced Seams
  • Rubber Protector on Full Length of Keel

Product Specification

Overall length: 2.76m
Overall width: 1.45m
Hull length: 2.76m
Overall beam: 1.45m
Weight (without engine): 36kg
Maximum engine weight: 10HP
Maximum number of passengers: 4
Maximum engine size: 10hp
Shaft length: 15"
LOA: 2.76m

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