New boats

New Boats


New boats and tenders from forward thinking manufacturers, including Quicksilver, AB inflatables and Honwave. Whether you prefer coastal performance or inland cruising at a more sedate pace, our range of boats offer something for everyone.


Quicksilver 605 Pilothouse

Are you passionate about fishing? Our 605 Pilothouse provides real value. The 115 horsepower engine and larger than average cockpit make it easy to get to the fish and get those rods over the side. Make it even easier with an optional second helm station with navigation electronics. And our SMART edition now combines the perfect mix of Cockpit, Cabin and Fishing options to ensure that your craft is suited to your specific lifestyle and needs.

Suitable for up to 150hp outboard engine


Maxima 750 Flying Lounge

The Maxima 750 Flying Lounge is a timeless, spacious and practical lounge boat with many luxurious options. The Maxima 750 lounge also has a clever concealed area to house the toilet that can also serve as storage space. Available with a choice of engine options, outboard engine, diesel inboard or electric motor.



Maxima Boats from Marine Tech

Maxima 600I (Inboard diesel)

Maxima 600I tender sloop is the diesel variant of the Maxima 600, fitted with either Vetus 16hp 2 cyclinder or 27hp 3 cylinder engine.  A smooth hull with a rope fender and an integral swimming platform giving easy access to the stern, makes this boat rather special.

  • Vetus 16 hp 2 cylinder and 40 liter tank   £29,250
  • Vetus 27 hp 3 cylinder and 40 liter tank  £25,750
  • Finance available
FROM £25,145
Maxima Boats from Marine Tech, Norfolk Broads

Quicksilver Activ 605 Cruiser

The Quicksilver Activ 605 Cruiser redesign gives you a bigger, more streamlined boat. Also interesting to know: your increased cruising comfort is coupled with longer cruising, thanks to the biggest fuel tank in this category.

FROM £26,118
Quicksilver Boats logo

Maxima 630I (Inboard diesel)

The Maxima 630I tender has a timeless and a striking appearance on the water, it is the inboard diesel engine version of the Maxima 630. The unique feature of this boat is the stern entry, for the comfortable boarding of your boat.

  • Vetus inboard diesel engine from 16 hp – 52hp with 40 litre tank
  • Finance available
FROM £28,795
Maxima Boats from Marine Tech, Norfolk Broads
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Quicksilver ACTIV 555 Cabin – stock boat

The Activ 555 Cabin comes prepared. What for? Basically anything. First and foremost, it contains everything you need for a good time. Choose a spot on the bow or cockpit sun lounge, grab a drink from the fridge or enjoy your favourite tunes on the stereo system that can be equipped with 4 speakers.

Suitable for up to 115hp outboard engine


FROM £28,963

Quicksilver 675 Pilothouse

Are you looking for great performance at an attractive price? The 675 Pilothouse contains an intelligently designed cockpit for comfort, coupled with class-leading space that is perfect for both fishing and leisure. The craft’s maximum 200 horsepower engine will allow you to easily reach a cruising speed of 25 knots. And whether you want to relax with friends or get your line in the water, our SMART edition combines the right mix of Cockpit, Cabin and Fishing options for your needs–your boat will be perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

FROM £29,060

Quicksilver Activ 675 Bowrider

The Activ 675 Bowrider is a great boat to stay in touch with the water. Up to 7 people pick a spot in the bow area or in the cockpit. Not a single inch of deck surface is left unused, yet the designers still found a way to integrate a compact, functional cabin.

FROM £29,780
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Quicksilver Activ 675 Sundeck

The Activ 675 Sundeck’s updated, contemporary design wows in any water. And there’s much more than meets the eye. Jump aboard to experience for yourself how space, comfort and ergonomics come together. For example, the helm now makes better use of the available surface, is easier to work with and has improved functionalities. Along with you behind the wheel, there’s room for up to 7 passengers who want to soak up the sun.

FROM £29,891
Quicksilver Boats logo

Quicksilver Activ 675 Cruiser

The Activ 675 Cruiser combines a sleek design with a sporty set-up and smart use of space. That makes it hard to tell who will have the most fun: you as the captain or the friends and family you bring along? There’s room for up to 7 people who love to cruise and soak up the sun.

FROM £31,468
Quicksilver Boats logo